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Here is RO Slayers’ latest installment 

The upcoming new update introduces more than just the Play To Earn ecosystem. It introduces The Slayer Badge feature. We offer the players of the game a chance to get even more of the RO Slayers token – the $SLYR token is the core currency of the RO Slayers universe. In addition to that, players will get a random package in-game each month. Each of which will contain airdrops that increase with the number of entries. Players can enter to get airdrops from the packages in multiple ways. Continue reading below for further details. 

What does this feature entail?

Owning a Slayer Badge (with a worth of 150 BUSD) gives you a chance to earn a bonus $SLYR token from the RO Slayers Ecosystem. The $SLYR token is designed to be the core currency of RO Slayers, fueling the ecosystem that empowers players to earn and sell NFTs. Also, badge holders will get a random monthly package in-game that contains airdrops. The airdrops contained for November are: Abrasive Boxes, Exclusive Costume, Poison Bottle Boxes, Guarana Candies, and Elite Supply Boxes. 

The Slayer Badge feature will be dropping with the new update but available to purchase now, 

More features of the Slayer Badge will be announced as we get closer to P2E Launch. So follow us on our social media pages and stay alert to any new updates we may announce in the future.

The first $SLYR token Airdrop will be in November 2021. Keep in mind that your eligibility for the Airdrop will be based on your number of entries. Players who have purchased the badge will get a $SLYR token airdrop after the token has been listed. The Slayer Badge is the first NFT that will be usable across the Slayer Games Universe. The artwork of the Slayer Badge is original to RO Slayers, as it is based on the original artwork of the RO Slayers’ logo. 

How to get the monthly packages?

Do you want to get the monthly packages and enjoy the airdrops they contain? Come on and join the white list. Visit and log in using your email to join the white list and get a badge with 150 BUSD. There are several ways to unlock bonus entries and to boost your chances. Enter by referring to a friend, and by this way, you will get an extra entry per referral. So make sure to let all of your friends who may be interested know! You can also enter by joining us on our social media, including our server on Discord, and our group chat on Telegram. Another way is to  enter by following our official account on Twitter @ROSlayers, make sure to also retweet us as each retweet will add 1 entry per day.

Finally, sharing is caring. Share this article to whom you know and maybe interested in owning the badge and getting the in-game monthly packages.

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