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  1. Big calculator A text optimized for Google Phone Number List (the only search engine that counts for us) can be recognized by words that regularly appear in places that we think are important to Google. But optimized texts often stand out because of their unobtrusiveness: there is Phone Number List little life in them. And that is understandable. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization . The lyrics are not written for people of flesh and blood, with emotions and daily worries, but for a very large Phone Number List calculator. And that is disastrous for the tone of voice of your story. This is determined by character, word Phone Number List color, unexpected turns, an exaggeration here and there, sound contrast, rhythm. In short: feeling. And that's exactly what a search engine doesn't have. Preservation of tone of voice You can deal with this by first focusing Phone Number List your text purely on the target group – consisting of real people. With the voice of your brand, in a tone that matches the message. And then when you have a strong, convincing, beautifully rounded story Phone Number List in front of you, you add the SEO elements. You change the title and put the keyword in it. There are a few more subheadings, preferably Phone Number List with a keyword. The funny comparison you made in the intro should be replaced by a keyword just to be sure. Sometimes it is possible to optimize your text afterwards, while retaining the tone of voice. Unfortunately, such Phone Number List an SEO blow usually means that you skillfully rip out the feeling that you had so lovingly tucked in. Giant with hatchet Google also finds it quite uncomfortable that we keep an eye on him like this. In the first edition of the SEO Starter Guide in 2008, the megasearch engine already says: Although the title of this guide Phone Number List includes the word "search engine,"
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