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Launching June 12, 2021

Complete RO Slayers installer

Full RO Slayers Client

Client & Installation FAQ

  1. Download from one of the links above.
  2. Extract the file from your specified folder.
  3. Run opensetup.exe to configure your settings.
  4. Run RO Slayers Patcher.exe to fully update your client.
  5. On the patcher, Click PLAY when it’s ready.

They are technically the same. Some players are having some issues with the installer due to Microsoft’s security (false-positives). This causes the client to be broken.

Go to your RO Slayers folder and Run opensetup.exe

Install the game on a folder other than Program Files / Program Filex (x86).

RO Slayers Mobile

Create your own legend

Either play casual or competitive, we have features to cater your playstyle!

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